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Specializing in Business, Equipment & Real Estate Funding

We believe that to be successful as a lender, we must be genuinely interested in the success of our borrowers since every customer has a unique financial circumstance, which is why we custom tailor our financing to best suit the needs of each individual customer in a variety of areas.

Creative Financing

Customized financing solutions for our borrowers in order to accommodate a variety of investment opportunities


Financing terms that benefit both borrower and lender, which promotes long term success

Fast Closing

Streamlined process to provide quick turnaround for approval and funding


Our risk calculators evaluate the profitability of your project to ensure that you are successful and profitable when you choose EPS.

Peace of Mind

We show up for you, EVERY time. Reliability is one of our core values, and we pledge that we will be at the closing table when you need us.

Financial Coaching

New borrower or first time real estate investor? No problem. We will guide you through our proven process every step of the way.


We are a private lending and investment firm that provides creative financing solutions to local real estate investors, operators, and developers across the country.

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Reliable & Effective

Our reputation has been built on the ability to close difficult transactions in a fast and effective manner. When you partner with EPS Global, you’re partnering with real members of the community with a real understanding of the Real Estate market, be it residential or commercial

Established borrowers receive funding in as little as 48 hours

Professional environment to service your loan from beginning to end.

Long term relationships are important, and no good business relationship is formed without trust and reliability.

Recent Commercial Real Estate Finance Transactions

As a full service real estate firm all underwriting is done in house with a bottom-up approach focusing on asset value and a defined exit strategy.

Fantastic deals from fantastic investors!

What Clients Say?

Our unique approach allows us to close quickly and securely on real estate investments, even when conventional lenders turn you away.

Donnie Thorn

"Without EPS Global I would never have been able to buy this house. It was a foreclosure and they wanted cash. EPS Global made it possible to buy this and then refinance with the bank soon after. Yours Truly, Donnie."

Donnie Thorn

Cletus Langer

"We were extremely pleased with how smooth the transaction went. There aren’t many hard money lenders that can make it that smooth and easy. We can’t wait to use EPS Global again in the near future."

Cletus Langer

Nevada Benton

"Wow! Thanks to EPS Global my partner and I were able to close on this property in 72 Hours. It took us 3 weeks to rehab and when we were finished we had 7 contracts the day it went on sale. Thank You! EPS."

Nevada Benton

Rian Linwood

"Greatly appreciated all the work that my loan officer put into getting my loan approved. When other lenders make it so difficult to get a loan. Thank you for all your work."

Rian Linwood